Recycled TImber (NSW) is a division of Ironwood Taree Pty Ltd that supplies and sells recycled timber and Australian hardwoods. Our recycled and reclaimed timbers can be used in almost any situation from residential and commercial premises to golf courses, schools, playgrounds and bridges.

We have been established for in excess of 10 years and our recycled and reclaimed timbers and Australian hardwoods are sought after by some of Australia’s most well known and highly regarded architects, interior designers, property stylists, property developers, hoteliers and hospitality groups and restauranteurs as well as DIY renovators who want to add some feature timber to their renovation project.

The recycled Australian hardwood timbers we supply are able to be used for a variety of purposes. From timber flooring and & decking through to feature walls, beams and posts, bridges, boardwalks, stair treads, bearers, joists and trusses, gates and fences, benches, bar tops and landscaping there is a use for recycled Australan hardwood timbers. The quality, look and strength of recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers far exceeds the quality of new timber products and also has the added attraction of being environmentally sustainable.

Our recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers can be milled to size by us and we can also finish the timber with a range of finishes from wire brushing to rough sawn to Dressed All Round (DAR) to give the timber that exact look that you may be seeking.

Recycled Australian hardwood timbers that have been supplied by us have ended up in some of Australia’s most stylish properties and we have exported our timber to places as far away as Japan, Noumea and Fiji.

Please feel free to view our portfolio of recycled and reclaimed timbers that we have supplied all over the world and to get a feel for the many uses to which our outstanding timber can be put.

When a building is deconstructed (we prefer this term rather than demolished) the posts, beams, joists, trusses and rafters generally maintain their straightness. When we get a twisted post or beam we can saw it straight and square. Unlike new timber, the resawn recycled timber will stay straight 99% of the time.

Compare the growth ring density of recycled old growth timber to new timber and you will typically find much finer grain in the recycled wood. The old wood has been fastened in place in a structure, usually from 50 to 150 years, having been air dried and seasoned to a stable condition.

Recently, we have also been awarded 2 NSW Government contracts (with Roads and Maritime Services & NSW Forestry) to reclaim and recycle hardwood timbers. For more information on this, please see our news & multimedia section.

We have also recently opened a Melbourne office to cater for the demand for recycled and reclaimed timbers from the southern states and to introduce the wise range of recycled and reclaimed timber products to Melbourne.