Our mill is located at Pampoolah, just outside Taree and is set over 10 acres where we are able to mill recycled and reclaimed timber to your exact specifications.

We carry a huge range of heavy machinery and equipment that ensures we are able to mill recycled and reclaimed timber in little time, saving you and/or your clients, valuable time and money.

The mill, including the office was constructed solely from recycled and reclaimed timbers sourced from bridges, old buildings, wharves, bridges and even the doors and windows have been reclaimed and recycled from old houses.

When we say mill, we actually mean mills. We have 2 mills, one for recycled and reclaimed Australian hardwood timber and the other for new (aka `green’) timber.

We specialise in structural timbers, reclaimed and recycled Australian hardwood beams and posts and our recycled and reclaimed timbers have and can be used in boardwalks, bridges, wharves,bearers, decks, promenades, childrens’ playgrounds, schools and our timber features can bring style and elegance to any residential or commercial premises.

Our recycled and reclaimed timbers have been bought and used by some of Australia’s leading architects and interior designers who have used our products because we are able to deliver quality, on time and at a great price.

When we get a twisted post or beam we can saw it straight and square. Unlike new timber, the resawn recycled & reclaimed timber will stay straight 99% of the time. This is one reason why many timber framers, builders, architects and interior designers prefer recycled & reclaimed timbers.

The look of aged, recycled & reclaimed timbers has a warm and tasteful quality. From golden brown to light gray, there’s something soothing in the old wood.

Our services page will show you what else we are able to do with the timber and what sort of appearances, finishes and and characteristics can be achieved with recycled and reclaimed timbers.